16 Ton Forklift Rental

Elevate Efficiency: Unveiling the Superior Features of Our 16-Ton Forklift Rental Service

Discover the pinnacle of heavy lifting with our 16-ton forklift rental service, ideal for meeting your company’s material handling needs. Our state-of-the-art forklift is meticulously designed with cutting-edge features to elevate your lifting and shifting experience.

Key Features of our 16 Ton Forklift:


  • Ergonomic Design: Our forklift boasts a top-of-the-range, ergonomically designed structure to enhance operator comfort and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Experience unparalleled visibility at higher heights with features like a high-visibility mast, sunroof, and other visibility-enhancing elements.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with modern amenities such as a fork positioner, carriage shifter, and long forks, our forklift ensures optimal performance in handling heavy loads.

Kalmar Forklift Highlights:

  • Heavy-Duty Overhead Guard: The complete heavy-duty overhead guard provides superior protection, emphasizing safety in operation.
  • Instrumentation and Flexcab: Our forklift features all necessary instrumentation and Flexcab “clip-on” windows and doors for a secure and controlled environment.
  • Warning Systems: Stay informed with warning lamps for battery charging, blinkers, high/low beam, parking brake, low brake pressure, and engine and transmission error alerts.
  • Adjustable Steering: Enjoy a customizable driving experience with an adjustable steering column and ergonomically positioned, multi-function levers on the steering column.
  • Climate Control: The forklift is equipped with a three-speed fan cab heater/defroster for operator comfort in various weather conditions.
  • Easy Service Access: The tilting overhead guard with a manual pump ensures easy access for maintenance and service tasks.

Unmatched Performance: Elevate Your Material Handling with Our 16-Ton Forklift

Reliable Performance: Our 16-ton forklift stands as a testament to reliability, ensuring consistent and powerful performance in the most demanding industrial environments. With a robust engine and advanced transmission system, this forklift is engineered to handle heavy loads with ease and precision. The warning systems incorporated, such as the stop engine light, service warning light, and wait-to-start light, provide operators with crucial information, promoting a secure and efficient operation.

Versatility Across Industries: Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, logistics, or any industry requiring heavy lifting capabilities, our 16-ton forklift is your versatile solution. The adaptability of this forklift is further enhanced by features like the fork positioner and carriage shifter, allowing for quick adjustments to accommodate various load sizes and shapes. Count on our forklift to be your reliable partner in material handling, providing the flexibility needed to meet the diverse demands of your business operations. Elevate your productivity and efficiency with a forklift designed to excel in diverse industrial settings.


We assure:

Brands Available: Kalmar, Boss, Indital, and More

Our heavy-duty 16-ton forklifts are engineered to handle substantial loads with the utmost safety. Experience the reliability and efficiency of our forklifts, available for rental services across India. Elevate your material handling operations with our advanced technology and dependable machinery.

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