Hiring A Machine

Hiring a machine for production unit/ warehouse etc is a very crucial decision of any organisation. Utmost care must be taken while appointing a forklift hirer as your company’s production/productivity is depending on an outsourced person / company.

Start this task by finding a reputable supplier, nearer the supplier better could be the service provided.  In case if you are hiring a forklift for long term insist for a brand new machine. Describe the supplier carefully in detail the nature of work and type of forklift needed.

Typically, trucks are hired for 3 months to 12 months in case of short term hire and ideally from 2 to 5 years in case of long term hire.

It’s also important to note that if you are renting equipment, you must consult your supplier when any repairs, modifications or changes are to be made to the forklift (including the fitting of new tyres).  Be very clear about the service level expected from the supplier.

* Ensure you have a written hire agreement
* Read and understand the hire agreement
* Check for breakdown and turnaround time
* Confirm that your supplier has 3rd party inspection certificates and he renews the same time to time 
* Ensure all operators know how to operate and care for the forklift

*Ensure forklift operator have valid forklift license
* Establish and maintain a recorded pre-shift check system (maintain a daily checklist for the same)
* Maintain a register for machine breakdowns and accidents
* Ensure forklifts are serviced on time prescribed by the manufacturer
* Make operators and supervisors aware of damage costs

*Make the operator/s aware of the working area and norms of the company

* Never hire on verbal agreements
* Allow untrained personnel to operate trucks
* Don’t let forklift be used on unsuitable ground or in unsuitable areas 
* Permit overloading 
* Ignore inappropriate use 
* Neglect unwanted drips of oil
* Fit anything to the forklift without consulting the supplier 
* Overlook minor faults

*Let anyone ride on the forklift other than the operator unless prescribed by the manufacturer (Only heavy forklifts above 20 tons might need a pillion)


Hussain Khan  ( Business Head )

Bharat Lifter

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